Furnish 123/Davenport Furniture Co. – Business Refresh


Total Investment: $250,000
CDBG Zero-Interest Loan: $45,000
Private Funds Leveraged: $205,000
825 W. Fourth St.
Status: Ongoing
Projected jobs retained/created: 15

Furnish 123 on Fourth Street features a full furniture show room.

Originally opened in 2009, Davenport Furniture Co. owner Lee White faced a tough decision two years later in 2011. The furniture retailer had opened a successful, re-branded store at SouthPark Mall in Moline called furnish 123. While  White wanted to keep his distribution center and showroom in central Davenport, not owning the property was becoming a financial burden.

The loss of the Davenport location would have meant five fewer jobs and a large empty storefront downtown. However, with assistance from a CDBG loan, White was able to make a down payment on the building and is currently putting the finishing touches on converting the showroom to a furnish 123 location. As an added bonus, White plans to create additional jobs at the downtown location in the near future.


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