Dot Com – Hip Hop & Urban Accessories (new business)


1432 W. Locust Street – Suite 8

Total Investment: $15,000
Total Public Investment: $5,000 small business loan from City of Davenport
Private Funds Leveraged: $10,000
Status: Opening soon
Projected jobs created: 3

Exterior of Dot Com Hip Hop and Urban Accessories on West Locust Street.

Not every new project featured on Doing It in Davenport is a multi-million dollar investment. But small entrepreneurs with great ideas and big dreams are excellent cumulative job creators and help tremendously with urban infill. Such is the case with Grace Madison’s new specialty store, Dot Com – Hip Hop & Urban Accessories, on W. Locust Street.

Madison, a recent college graduate with a background in retail, came up with the idea after realizing that she often had to visit up to five different large stores to find the trendy accessories she wanted to accompany her outfits. She also noticed a lack of small clothing/accessory retail on the west side of Davenport, where she chose to locate her store.

Owner Grace Madison's logo asks people to "swag themselves"

“There’s nothing like this in the Quad-Cities and there’s nothing like this on the west end,” she said. “I think the location is going to make the store really successful.” Madison is investing $5,000 of her own money, an additional $5,000 from a private investor and a $5,000 small business loan to get her business – which will employ two clerks and herself as manager – off the ground. The business is located in a small strip mall in a suite that sat vacant more than one year.

So what differentiates “hip hop & urban accessories” from regular accessories? “They’ve got a little flash to them, a little extra colorful items, up with the latest trends and styles,” Madison said. As the tagline under her business name says: “Swag Yourself.”

Accessories sold will include all kinds of items for men and women, ranging from shoes, hats and belts to watches and jewelery. If the business takes off, Madison said, she may add a line of clothing as well. This would allow her to add a couple more jobs.

Hats, belts, shoes and costume jewelery are all offered.

Dot Com – Hip Hop & Urban Accessories will hold a grand opening at 7 p.m. on Monday, April 29.


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