Hilltop Collectibles (new business)


1605 Harrison Street

Total Investment: $10,000
Total Public Investment: TBD
Private Funds Leveraged: $10,000
Status: Opening soon
Projected jobs created: 2

Hilltop Collectibles at 1605 Harrison is another small project in terms of investment and jobs created, but it is a another sign of the renaissance happening in one of the City’s oldest and most important commercial corridors.

Hilltop Collectibles on Harrison Street

Owner Ron McDermott had a front row seat to the slow decline of the Harrison corridor/Hilltop neighborhood through the 1980s and 1990s, but likes what the future holds.  “In the last three to four years, I think more businesses opened than in the previous 10 years combined,” he said. “I’ve been on Harrison Street 25 years. I saw it die, and now I’m seeing it come back.”

Ron and his wife Carol are opening an antiques and collectibles business in the middle section of the stretch of buildings along the 1600 block of Harrison. Those commercial buildings date to  1890 and are in need of some TLC. McDermott said he is looking into awning and facade improvements. He previously ran R&G Telephone at 1513 Harrison, another building he expects to see refreshed soon.

Hilltop Collectibles has a large vintage Coca-Cola collection

Inside, he’s already busy setting up displays of a wide variety of antiques and collections he and his wife have accrued over the years. He admits to being a bit of a “picker” over the years. “I told her we’re not moving the collection again.”

McDermott said he plans to open the store later this spring.


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  1. John Hanlon Says:

    Hi Tory; just a note to tell you i really like the “Doing it in Davenport ” site. It combines your GREAT writing ability with excellent updates on what’s happening in Davenport. This is especially good for me in that ever since you left the QC Times, i stopped reading the “rag” Hope all is well with you and the Family. John, GO BLUE!

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