Downtown Davenport Apartment Growth

While we normally reserve the Doing It in Davenport blog space for specific projects, this info was too good not to share.

GIF showing apartment development growth in downtown

What you see above is an animated GIF image showing the amazing increase in downtown apartment growth over the past five years and stretching into the near future. The legend on the bottom right is impossible to read in this format, so we’ll explain the color codes below:

The areas shown in BLUE in the first frame represent the existing downtown apartment stock five years ago.
MINT GREEN represents completed apartment projects as of May 2013.
BRIGHT GREEN are new apartment projects currently in progress (most will be complete by end-of-summer).
YELLOW are potential projects in the future – with a mix of already proposed and those envisioned in the downtown master plan.

Seeing the animation spark is great visual evidence of the rapid residential growth in Davenport. It is anticipated that nearly 300 new market rate units will be created by the end of 2013. The downtown census tract is the fastest-growing track in the entire city, and the expectation is more retail and office development will follow on the heels of the population growth.


5 Responses to “Downtown Davenport Apartment Growth”

  1. Yet, the tallest building was built almost 100 years ago… I think its about time to surpass that building in height… Davenport should be embarrassed compared to cities like Des Moines and Cedar Rapids.. It’s long over due for Davenport to have a 25+ story building!

  2. I never understood why Davenport doesn’t have any tall buildings either.. :/

  3. Savannah – Thanks for commenting. It wlll be interesting to see what happens after the exisiting older stock is all bought up and renovated. The site of the abandoned Howard Johnsons on the east side of the government bridge could have potential as a future large-scale site. Bottom line: at least we’re talking about potential future building and investment!

  4. Hmm, interesting comment Savannah, I would be nice to see something tall than the Wells Fargo Building come to reality.. I thought I was the only one who wondered why it has taken so long for a 100,000+ city to surpass a 100+ year old building in height..

  5. Why not convert the Wells Fargo building into lofts and build a new modern Wells Fargo business tower in the old Social Security building across the street?

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