UPDATE: Renwick Building –

Work continues on the Renwick building renovation

Total Investment: $4.2 million
Federal Historic Tax Credits: $834,000
State Historic Tax Credits: $1 million
City bridge loan: $1.8 million
Private Funds Leveraged: $2 million

324 Brady Street
Status: Ongoing
Projected jobs created: TBD

Thanks to the generosity of architect Jim Morrison (yes, that’s his real name) – we got a sneak peak INSIDE the ongoing Renwick Building renovation on Brady Street. Work on both the first floor tenant space and the apartment spaces is reaching fever pitch. (We still can’t reveal the first-floor tenant, per their request, but we think they’re going to be a great addition to downtown.)

Restoration St. Louis is lauded for their ability to bring original architectural elements back to life, and this project is no different. We thought the saving of the 100-plus-year-old original staircases throughout the main section of the building was particularly cool.

Original staircase in the Renwick Building

The 18 market-rate apartments – all of which are already spoken for, according to Morrison – feature stunning views of downtown Davenport through giant windows.

Large arched windows provide views of the Federal Courthouse in this Renwick apartment.


Even the kitchen windows at the Renwick offer nice downtown views.

Small balconies added to the backside of the building will allow tenants to enjoy some outside air while maintaining an urban feel.

Balconies on the back of Renwick also offer downtown views.

Last, but certainly not least in our minds, Renwick is the first public-private partnership location to feature one of our new Doing It in Davenport physical signs out front. Keep an eye out as you drive around town for more of these signs popping up, as new growth and new projects abound!

Doing It in Davenport sign is up at the Renwick renovation construction site.



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