Maxx Industries – New Business


9105 N. Zenith Avenue

Total Investment: $950,000
CDBG Job Creation Grant: $320,000
Private Funds Leveraged: $630,000
Status: Just complete
Jobs Created: 7 immediately – potentially 30-40 within 3 years

A welder works on one of Maxx Industries' high-sided shale bins.

The Quad-Cities is known as a haven for specialized and advanced manufacturing and a new business in north Davenport is carrying on that tradition. Maxx Industries LLC, a new venture led by entrepreneur Thor McDonald, is a diversified manufacturer of equipment for the North American oil and natural gas industries and equipment for the agricultural sector.

McDonald – whose background is in the metals and manufacturing industry – acquired a vacant 38,000-square-foot industrial building on North Zenith (behind Farm and Fleet, near the Northwest Boulevard exit on Interstate 80) from Alcoa. The spacious manufacturing floor area serviced by massive overhead cranes is ideal for Maxx Industries’ large-scale manufacturing needs.

Work began in late June on the company’s first two oil and gas inventory products – high-sided shale bins destined for the Canadian oil and gas fields. McDonald has hired six welders/fabricators and will be adding a production manager and more manufacturing employees in the near term. Longer term, McDonald said by the end of three years, he’d like to have a workforce of 30 to 40, including engineers, draftsmen, sales and other support staff.

“Advantages of a Davenport location are the central location in the country, the access to skilled personnel in the area, the proximity and ease to access Interstate 80, and the nearby truck stops for marshaling trucks to be loaded,” McDonald said. “Also, the building, a former R&D facility for Alcoa, offers immediate benefits to support our operations and offers opportunity for growing the business. We were able to pick up 10 adjoining acres for future expansion.”

The spacious building and built-in crane system were attractive to McDonald.

McDonald’s employees are currently working on oil and gas products, but will soon be manufacturing more complex agricultural equipment such as large grain augers. These particular augers are used on the large farm operations in Canada, but McDonald believes there is market potential on large American-based farm operations throughout the Midwest as well. The largest auger is 105-feet long and more than 13 feet tall. The demand in Canada for this product has kept manufacturing in that country engaged year-round with no opportunity to export to the US and meet American interest in the product line.

Maxx Industries is the type of high-quality job creator and advanced manufacturing facility well-suited to Davenport’s Interstate 80 corridor area. Expect to see more development in this excellently located part of Davenport in the coming months and years.


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