100 Montaditos – New Restaurant


5141 Utica Ridge Road

Total Investment: $500,000
Private Funds Leveraged: $500,000
Status: Fall opening targeted
Projected jobs created: 25

Future home of 100 Montaditos restaurant on Utica Ridge Road

Miami, Washington D.C., Manhattan . . . . Davenport?

It’s not often that Davenport or the Quad-Cities is among the first metro areas to attract a hot new franchise restaurant. But thanks to the persistence of entrepreneur Jeff Holland, that is exactly what is about to happen this fall.

100 Montaditos is a “fast casual” restaurant chain based out of Madrid, Spain. It’s first foray into the U.S. was in south Florida, where the concept has been well-received. Now, it’s coming to the heartland, on Davenport’s Utica Ridge Avenue.

The concept behind 100 Montaditos, owned by the Restalia Group, is simple: a well-appointed Spanish tavern serving 100 different montaditos made from high quality ingredients, including Jamon Iberico, a free-range ham made from Spanish pigs who live in oak groves, grazing on grass and acorns. The company describes a montadito as “a unique tapa-sized bread roll produced¬†with an exclusive bread formula and filled with the best high quality ingredients.”

100 Montaditos only uses its own bread, also imported from Spain, shipped frozen to the United States, where it is baked in ovens specially designed for the restaurant.

Sandwich prices range from $1 to $2.50 and Wednesdays feature $2 wine and beer. The restaurant also serves salads and appetizers on cutting boards loaded with Iberico ham, crushed tomatoes and olives or different cheeses. 100 Montaditos also features Spanish-brewed specialty beer, wine and other beverages.

A few of the 100 sandwiches served at  100 Montaditos

A few of the 100 sandwiches served at
100 Montaditos

The next expansions into the U.S. for the group are in the D.C. area (expected to open this August), Manhattan, Boston and Davenport.

So how exactly did Davenport get on that list?

“I was reading an article in Business Week about it, and I just fell in love with the concept,” said Jeff Holland, the former owner of Holland Jewelers. “I was heading down to Miami for a jewelery show and I set up a meeting with a representative from the Restalia Group and told him I was interested in bringing a restaurant to Iowa. Their long-term plan is to have thousands of stores in the U.S., but usually you have to wait if you are a secondary market.”

Interior work is well underway on the new 100 Montaditos

Interior work is underway on 100 Montaditos, with a fall opening anticipated.

Holland was persuasive, convincing the group that the Quad-Cities was diverse and restaurant-hungry enough to support such a unique concept. He thinks his restaurant will be a sort of “canary in a coal mine” for the model in the Midwest. He eventually plans to open more franchises in Iowa City, Des Moines and points west. He’s so certain of success, he has sold the jewelery business and devoted himself 100 percent to restaurant development.
“I believe there’s pent-up demand for something different on the dining scene,” Holland said. “I have great faith that the Quad-Cities will come out and support this.”
Interior of an existing 100 Montaditos in the Miami area

Interior of an existing 100 Montaditos in the Miami area


3 Responses to “100 Montaditos – New Restaurant”

  1. I will be driving through Davenport this weekend, and I would like to stop to eat here. Does anyone know if 100 Montaditos in Davenport has been opened yet?

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