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Despite Flooding, Davenport is Open for Business

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Signs indicate Pershing is closed, but open to business traffic

Front Street Brewery’s signature beer is called Raging River Ale.

The name is hitting a little close to home for the long-time Davenport business, which boasts two riverfront locations – one between Pershing and Perry streets on River Drive and the other in the riverfront Freight House building.

The muddy Mississippi may be knocking at the front door, but manager Jenny Ash says both locations are open and serving.

“It was a little slow at lunch today, probably because parking is hard to find,” she said. “But this flood is typical and manageable.”

Ash has worked at Front Street for 22 years and has been through seven major floods. Improvements in the city’s flood protection plan over the years have made them much easier to deal with than the deluge in 1993 that knocked the brewery out of business for an extended period.

“When we see the Hesco barriers going in, it’s very reassuring to us,” she said, as several patrons stepped in to order lunch and gawk at the rising waters just outside the large picture window out front.


Downstream a bit, Ed Kraklio Jr. of Nostalgia Farms Deli said the lunch rush today was more like a trickle. Too many people don’t realize that despite River Drive being closed, you can still access businesses south of the road. Still, he’s pleased with the flood protection measures in place.

“We’re still prepping and getting ready for the weekend,” he said. “Although we will be closed on the 4th because they cancelled Red, White and Boom.”


Michelle Magyar, one of the co-owners of Mid-American Glass on River Drive, said they are coping with this flood much better than the last major flood in 2011.

A recent $5 million expansion, with a new building on their site, allows them to ship out a new dock to the north, meaning they no longer need access from River Drive.

“We are an island, but it’s business as usual although it’s hectic,” she said. “The city helped us put this new building in and we can now get in without going through the water.”

Any business owner that needs assistance with flood fighting should contact Public Works at (563) 326-7923.


Davenport site search options Zooming forward

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The City of Davenport has partnered with ZoomProspector in the creation of a super-helpful, super-thorough new site selection and economic analysis tool to help attract new businesses and assist those already calling Davenport home.

Check out to take this immersive new tool for a test drive, and be sure to share it with anyone you know who might be looking for a new place to open a business, anyone who needs demographic information on Davenport or the entire Quad-Cities area, or local businesses who might want to create reports on employement and consumer spending data.

DavenportSiteSearch by ZoomProspector

DavenportSiteSearch by ZoomProspector

Davenport’s ZoomProspector site allows people to find available commercial properites along with discovering why that location makes sense. Some of its features include:

  • Simple search options that make it easy to find properties
  • Extensive demographic and employement data for every property
  • Business search to build industry clusters visually
  • Community comparison and demographic tools
  • Demographic mapping of more than 700 variables to visualize demographic, employment and consumer spending data

Doing It in Davenport – A Look Back

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Doing It in Davenport logo

This blog is typically focused on looking forward and concentrating on all the great projects just getting underway or recently completed as Davenport’s renaissance continues. However, sometimes it’s healthy to take a look back at where you’ve been and to measure the growth.

The past four years have shown phenomenal growth in Davenport, highlighted by local businesses growing and expanding. Around two dozen unique businesses have grown, landed or expanded in Davenport thanks to public-private partnerships since 2010. All together, they have committed more than $145 million in private investment, created nearly 300 high-quality new jobs and retained more than 2,300 positions. Their investments were supported by around $14 million in public sector contributions, showing the strength of such collaborations.

Of these businesses, 71 percent are in the manufacturing sector, 19 percent retail/service, 5 percent distribution and 5 percent document management. For every $1 in public funds invested towards a project, the private sector contributed $10.62, providing a huge return on investment of taxpayer dollars.

The following table illustrates the breadth of projects assisted:

Company Type Private Investment (millions) Public                Investment Jobs                  Created Jobs           Retained
Alter Trading Mfg Expansion 14.3 184,000 3 75
Cobham Mfg Expansion 6.3 280,000 63 380
Compacker, Inc Mfg Expansion 2.39 35,000 5 12
Fidlar Technologies Document Mgmt 4.5 832,500 4 44
Genesis Robotics Mfg Expansion 4.65 0 2 8
Green Buick GMC Sales/Service 4 1,260,000 25 80
Hardi North America Mfg Expansion 3.7 120,000 18 62
Heart of America Sales/Service 27 4,250,000 35 0
Lewis Machine Mfg Expansion 2.5 750,000 7 169
Maxx Industries New Mfg 0.95 320,000 10 0
Mid American Glass Mfg Expansion 4.1 232,000 13 29
Nestle Purina Mfg Expansion 19 0 0 400
PCT Engineering Mfg Expansion 0.7 100,000 4 71
Penske Mfg Expansion 3 107,000 0 13
Phoenix Closures Mfg Expansion 0.73 35,000 8 43
Roemer Machine Mfg Expansion 5.5 215,000 0 20
Sadler Power Train Mfg Expansion 3.25 144,000 6 17
Seaberg Industries Mfg Expansion 3.3 110,000 12 90
Sears Manufacturing Mfg Expansion 1.4 50,000 0 450
Von Maur E Comm. Retail/Distribution 14.5 1,700,000 23 317
Von Maur HQ HQ/Distribution 15.5 1,354,500 10 17
Von Maur E Comm. Retail/Distribution 5.5 1,732,354 50 0
Totals   $146 M $13.8M 298 2,297

Success builds on success, and we fully expect the next four years to see even more accelerated growth. Stay tuned to Doing It in Davenport to track the progress.

Davenport NOW – $108 million in new value created

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The Davenport NOW tax rebate program, launched in 2010,  is sun-setting after contributing to the development of more than $108 million in new property assessed value and returning $3.7 million back to homeowners, rehabbers and business owners who improved their properties.

But it’s not too late to take advantage if you have a project – residential infill, rehab, new construction or commercial building – in mind. The program will accept applications through June 1, 2014. To be eligible, purchase and construction must be complete by that date.

The program gives a 50 percent rebate on city property taxes for 10 years to people who build a home, renovate an existing house, or build or expand an existing business in a Davenport city service area.

Since its inception in July 2010, rebates have been given to 610 people. Here is a breakdown of type of project, rebates issued and total increase in assessments:

New Construction on Mississippi Avenue

New Construction – Mississippi Avenue

Single Family New Construction

Increased Assessed Value $96,888,237
Total Rebate Amounts   $2,987,743
Average Increase in Assessed Value      $213,881
Average Rebate Issued          $6,566
Rehab or existing construction home, McClellan Boulevard

Rehab/Existing Construction
McClellan Blvd

Single Family Existing Construction

Increased Assessed Value $3,118,060
Total Rebate Amounts      $97,970
Average Increase in Assessed Value      $24,360
Average Rebate Issued           $759
Commercial Development assisted with Davenport NOW

Commercial Development assisted with
Davenport NOW


Increased Assessed Value      $8,681,705
Total Rebate Amounts         $652,149
Average Increase in Assessed Value         $361,738
Average Rebate Issued           $27,173

To learn more about the program or to see an application please click HERE.

Downtown Davenport Apartment Growth

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While we normally reserve the Doing It in Davenport blog space for specific projects, this info was too good not to share.

GIF showing apartment development growth in downtown

What you see above is an animated GIF image showing the amazing increase in downtown apartment growth over the past five years and stretching into the near future. The legend on the bottom right is impossible to read in this format, so we’ll explain the color codes below:

The areas shown in BLUE in the first frame represent the existing downtown apartment stock five years ago.
MINT GREEN represents completed apartment projects as of May 2013.
BRIGHT GREEN are new apartment projects currently in progress (most will be complete by end-of-summer).
YELLOW are potential projects in the future – with a mix of already proposed and those envisioned in the downtown master plan.

Seeing the animation spark is great visual evidence of the rapid residential growth in Davenport. It is anticipated that nearly 300 new market rate units will be created by the end of 2013. The downtown census tract is the fastest-growing track in the entire city, and the expectation is more retail and office development will follow on the heels of the population growth.


Posted in General Information on February 26, 2013 by Tory Brecht

What are we doing in Davenport? Working together to build a great community in which to live, work, play and raise a family. This blog will track the progress entrepreneurs, business owners, residents and the City of Davenport staff are making to pursue this ongoing goal.

Check here regularly to see exciting new projects, business expansions and new opportunities unfold.